Restaurants in the City of London England | Find the best restaurants and bistros in the City of London.

Restaurants in the City of London

The City of London has many restaurants, grand cafe, pubs, bistros and street food carts, from simple eateries to a Michelin starred or a luxurious rooftop restaurant with a nice view. The men and women (bankers, traders, solicitors) who work in the financial heart of London, have their breakfast, lunch or dinner there, or pop in for a drink with friends or collegues after work. They also are used as meeting rooms, presentations or celebration halls.

The City of London
is the historic and financial heart of London. It is also know as The City or The Square Mile. The Square Mile runs roughly from Chancery Lane in the west to Middlesex Street in the east, the river to the south and Charterhouse Street and Broadgate to the north. It is a city within a city, one of two, London's other city is the City of Westminster. The City of London is the largest business and financial centre in the world, the insurance industry is focused around the eastern side of the City, around Lloyd's building.


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